Started in 2012, Industrial wood has been producer of few wooden products for transportation industry. At the moment we can offer wooden products for transportation, construction , also metal products for wood industry. We can offer also a machinery for wood industry


Our company is settled in Kaunas city. The company has been functioning in the field of wood cutting, processing and trade since 2012.
At the present time the company specializes in the production and trade of the wooden collars. Most of its products are exported to Belgium, Holland, Denmark, Germany, France, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Czech Republic and Poland.

Our products satisfy all requirements of the European Union. That's why our products are eagerly bought by customers from Belgium, Holland, Germany, France, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Czech Republic and Poland.

We constantly improve and optimize our production processes, so we can offer our customers very attractive prices.
Hinge collars, pallet collars are of coniferous trees. They can also be made of deciduous wood - aspen. The wood of 18-20% moisture is used. The metal galvanized hinges are used for the pallets collars.
Used together with pallets, pallet collars offer a practical and cost-effective reusable packaging for companies that store and transport various products. The collars are long-lasting, durable and of functional design. Due to these characteristics, the collars are easy to store: they can be folded in a compact manner, thereby saving the warehouse space.
We able to produce first and second grade collars of standard sizes 800x1200. In line with the international standard ISPM 15, the pallet collars are manufactured using thermally treated wood.
The company manufactures up to 1.8 million collars per year; therefore, we can execute orders of any volume. we fulfil the order within 1-2 weeks. we deliver to any place in Europe or other continent;